Branching Out value and support vulnerable adults with learning disabilities in East Cambridgeshire.

The support we give is tailored around our belief that:

When we achieve we have value, when we make mistakes we have understanding, when we look after our environment we have a community.

How Branching Out will do this

The people we support are given a choice of the types of work experience they would like to do and are regularly consulted to see if they would like any changes.
We encourage an atmosphere where achievement is recognised.
The people we support involve the community, support the community and are supported by the community.
We encourage the people we support to feel safe and build friendships with respect for each other and the wider community of Branching out.
We will also:

Continue to monitor the quality of the services we are providing to adults with learning disabilities to ensure that we provide flexibility and meet the needs of each individual.

Continue to strive to be financially sustainable to secure the future of our staff and the people we support.

Recruit and train high quality staff who are committed to providing the best care standards we expect for people with learning disabilities.