Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the organisation, ensuring that it is run safety and effectively. They delegate day to day running of the organisation to the General Manager, Susan Wiggans.

Susan Wiggans joined the charity in 1996. She was appointed General Manager in 2005 with responsibility for the day to day running of the charity on behalf of the Board of Trustees. Susan is also a trustee of STeNG and MOVE.

The Trustees have a range of experience and expertise.

Branching Out Trustees

R. Baker: Chairperson of the Board. Trustee since 2012

S. McNeill: Vice Chair/Secretary/ Whistle blower. Trustee since 2001. Retired Solicitor.

K. Taylor: Trustee since 2008. Head Teacher, Spring Common School.

G. Spinks: Trustee since 2004. Retired Businessman.

W. Wilkinson: Trustee since 2011. Director of Solutions for Learning.

B. Hayes: Trustee since 2012. Active Parish and Town Councillor, Chairman and Trustee of various Boards accross the county.

A. McClelland: Trustee since 1994.


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Branching Out accounts and Annual Return 2010-11

2012-10-05 2012 Signed accounts