Confident people achieve

Branching Out holds values that are important for people to succeed in their lives: Traditional respect for others, and innovative ideas, and caring, understanding and structured routine, industrious work experience and fun.

As a social enterprise charity we can focus on doing what is best for our clients with learning disabilities. We recognise the benefits of traditional values and welcome creative ideas from all the people we support, our staff and volunteers. We help people to achieve their potential in a positive and ordered environment, developing an inner confidence in their own ability. People need to feel safe from harm and have a feeling of belonging to be able to achieve. We provide high quality support and opportunities to enable people to build friendships’ based on trust and gain the skills to build their confidence.

Our clients with learning disabilities have written their own Code of Conduct recognising what makes them feel safe and what makes them feel unsafe.
This enables them to understand their rights and the rights of others.

We invite the people we support to take part in every day decisions and involvement in planning events and anything that will affect their life at Branching Out. Everyone has the opportunity to support our local community and get involved.

Working towards excellence

Branching Out has been a successful social enterprise charity since 1994, embracing change and ideas for the benefit of the people we support. We bring out the best in everyone we support, helping them to achieve their potential. The ability to build friendships in a culture that is safe and supportive, gives people the confidence to communicate their ideas and work as a team to make those ideas a reality. These talents are recognised, encouraged and celebrated at Branching Out.

Our staff team are committed to supporting people with learning disabilities when ever and where ever they can. They receive extensive training to a high standard to meet the needs of the people who use our services.

People who use our services are routinely surveyed to check the quality of our service and the results are fed back to the staff team. They are involved in planning the support they will receive, and encouraged to take part in all opportunities available. All staff are trained in safeguarding and in addition the Team Leader and General Manager are trained in safeguarding at management level. Everyone is assessed for their skills and achievable targets are agreed and progress reviewed routinely.

All records are kept secure and confidentiality is protected. Complaints are always listened to and acted on appropriately and promptly.